Behrouz Ataei

Nationality Iranian
Age 52
Languages English
Present Club Peykan
Status Available for 2021-2022

Nationality: Iran Age : 49 years old Born 1970/8/5 in Amol Language: English – Farsi
Law graduate
as coach:
Most Valuable Authorities:
Asia Cup championship 2009 Philippines:
Second place (Iran team assistant coach)
Asian games championship 2010 Guangzhou:
Second place (Iran teamassistant coach)
AVC Cup championship 2010 Urmia:
First place (Iran assistant coach)
Kazakhstan Presidential Cup 2010 :
First place (Iran assistant coach)
Participate of Iran National team in World Championships 2010 Italy as Assistant coach
Asia junior championship 2016 China Taipei:
Second place (Iran Head coach)
Islamic countries games 2017 Baku:
First place ( Iran Head coach)
AVC Cup championship 2018 China taipei:
Second place ( Iran Head coach )
Asia junior championship 2018 Bahrain:
First place (Iran Head coach)
Won the fifth place in the World junior Championship in the Czech Republic 2017
(Iran Head coach)
Asia Clubs championship 2011 China:
Third place (Head coach Kalleh Mazandaran team)
Asia Clubs championship 2012 Tehran:
First place (Head coach Kalleh Mazandaran team)
Fifth place in the World Club Cup in Brazil 2012 : (Head coach Kalleh Mazandaran team)
Iran volleyball super league :
First place 2010-2011 (Head coach Kalleh mazandaran team)
First place 2011-2012 (Head coach Kalleh mazandaran team)
Second place 2012-2013 (Head coach Kalleh mazandaran team)
Three times thid place as Kalleh Mazandaran Head coach

Head coach of the Iranian national youth team at the World Championships 2011 Argentina

***Head coach of Iranian national junior team at Bahrain World Championship 2019:
(First place)
as player:
Former player of Iran’s national teams in all age groups
From 1988 to 1996 in clubs
Veterans of Mazandaran,
Fajr Amal,
loolesazi Ahwaz, Farmandari Mahabad,
Tehran and Persepolis
Champion and runner-up of Iranian clubs in 1999 and 2000
second place Asian clubs with Peykan in 2000
1999 third Asian club in